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Catered menus may be custom made to fit your needs.
Here are just some ideas to get the wheels turning.


Get the Tastebuds Going

  • Manchego Cheese Stuffed Summer Squash

  • Corn Arepas with Cilantro-Pecan Pesto

  • Watermelon & Feta Skewers

  • Smoked Shrimp Quesadillas

  • Tandori-Chicken Tingas with Watermelon Pico

  • Mini Chili Rellenos with Mexican Cheese, Almonds & Raisins

  • Tarragon Tuna Poke Served on Bamboo Spoons

  • Hamachi Cruda on Rice Crackers

  • Oysters on the Half Shell with Mignonette

  • Fried Shrimp Skewers with Cajun Aioli

  • Grilled Oysters with Spinach, Pimento & Parmesan



  • Blueberry Soup: Garnished with Foie Gras 

  • Chilled Corn Bisque: Garnished with Cilantro-Pecan Pesto 

  • Chilled Tomato Provencal: Garnished with Avocado & Crab

  • Thai Coconut Shellfish Chowder: Garnished with Shrimp, Crab or Lobster

  • Watermelon & Arugula Salad: Sheep’s Feta & Lemon-Radish Vinaigrette 

  • Lobster & French Bean Salad: Olives, Capers, Tomatoes & Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette 

  • Spinach Salad: Baby Spinach Leaves with Crisp Bacon, Chopped Egg, Roasted Shallots & Honey Mustard Dressing

  • Roasted Beet Salad: Baby Greens, Cotija Cheese, Toasted Pepitas, Blood Orange-Pumpkin Dressing

  • Baby Lettuce Salad: Sliced Roma Tomatoes, Olives & Citrus Segments Garnished with Goat Cheese & Artichoke Chip

  • HMC Caesar Salad: Romaine Leaves, Shaved Romano Cheese & Tabasco Croutons


Fish, Poultry, Beef, Lamb or Vegetarian/Vegan

  • Sliced London Broil: On a Bed of Roasted Poblanos with Red Pepper Mole 

  • Paella: Saffron Rice Baked with Spanish Chorizo, Mussels, Shrimp, Chicken, Peppers & Herbs

  • Korean BBQ King Salmon: Brown Rice Stir-Fry

  • Chateaubriand: Tarragon Mustard Sauce

  • “Gun Powder” Rubbed Brisket: Traditional Southern Sweet Sauce

  • Coca-Cola Ham: Orange-Ginger Barbeque Sauce

  • Rack of Lamb: Mint-Mango Chutney

  • Goat Cheese Stuffed Cheese Chicken: Green Chili-Cheddar Cheese Risotto

  • Tomato-Basil Fondue with Angel Hair 

  • Garnish with Smoked Pheasant, Shrimp Scampi or Lobster Claws 

  • Summer Squash Ravioli 

  • In Roma Tomato Broth with Sheep Milk Feta and Sweet Basil Pesto 

  • Spaghetti with Aged Sherry-Mushroom Gravy 

  • Garnished with Steamed Black Mussels 

  • Gnocchi with Baby Spinach & Lemon Oil 

Menu: Services
Menu: Services


From Tarts to Cakes

  • Chocolate Mousse

  • Crème Brule 

  • Lemon Tarts

  • Mediterranean Nut Tarts

  • Raspberry Brown Butter Tart with Buttermilk Ice Cream 

  • Chocolate Cake with Cracker Jack Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream

  • Traditional Italian Cream Wedding Cake

  • Seasonal Pies & Cobblers with Vanilla Ice Cream 

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Serves up to 6 guests

  • Meatloaf

  • Pot Roast

  • Roast Pork Roast

  • Cornish Hens

  • Grilled Side of Salmon

  • Roasted  Leg of Lamb


For us, food is our passion. We love making our customers happy, and can’t wait to meet you!

Santa Fe, NM 87501

(970) 901-8902

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