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“As one of the owners of Stoner Ranch, near Telluride, Colorado, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Peter O’Brien for several years.  Pete is a skilled hospitality professional. It is a pleasure to give responsibility for ranch hospitality to Pete because he handles every detail, from small to large, with precision and care.  He is a consummate professional who knows how to keep the rhythm of an event running so that everyone has a terrific time without seeing how much work is being put into the effort. Peter's gracious style and fun-loving personality make him a pleasure to be with, and his presence makes every visit to the ranch more enjoyable.  Pete is an unbelievable chef, who is inventive, creative and flexible, based on his guests’ needs. I am familiar with Peter's experience in the restaurant industry but have not had the pleasure to see Pete run a restaurant kitchen. I am sure that he brings the same disciplined, yet flexible approach to all of his professional environments.  
Peter O’Brien is extraordinarily talented, and any restaurant or hospitality business would be lucky to have his skills and personality in their organization.”

Kimberly McKesson

“Peter's love of life, good food, and the Southwest come through in everything he does. Our family and our guests have never been anything other than impressed and totally contented with his bold and creative flavors and his dedication to ensuring that everyone simply has the most enjoyable evening. Whether it is a few family meals, a sophisticated dinner party or a unique special event, Peter always delivers with gusto.”

Steven Mawer

“The Austin dining scene is maturing. There are more restaurants serving more sophisticated food -- and pulling it off -- than ever before. The most recent proof of this trend is the opening of SiBon, a stylish American bistro just south of downtown. There diners can find food that combines thought, effort, and artistry.”

 Dale Rice, Food Editor

 Austin American Statesmen     

"I have known Peter O’Brien for five years. He is everything you’d want in a chef: bright, inventive, and he produces great tasting menus. He can do gigantic events or small ones. He has run restaurants and golf clubs. We’ve seen Peter in all these settings. We have never been anything but pleased. But Peter O’Brien brings a truly fun personality with him that enhances anything he does. People adore being with him because he knows just how to make people feel that they are part of something great.
He is part chef, part designer, part impresario. I am sick that he has moved from Telluride."

Geraldine Laybourne

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